Every time we make a change to our site we like to add an update to let you all know what's happening, so be sure to check back here often to catch up on the latest Timepets news.

08 Oct

Hit Points -
Hit points are now listed on the quick pet view on the side of the page!

Battles -
You can now click the whole button in a battle, as opposed to just the link!

06 Jun

End Battle Page -
The End Battle Page has been cleaned up!
- The random Decimal point is no longer there!
- The page shows how many hitpoints your pet has left!
- The page also tells you how much your pet was healed for!

Random Events -
Modified what pages random events can show up on, in order to make them less annoying.
- Random Events should no longer show up on Battle Pages!

Battle Update -
Pets now get healed for a percentage of their missing health after each battle.

30 Jan

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09 Nov

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08 Nov

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